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When I first learned about the Night In Box subscription, I was shocked I hadn’t seen it before. My husband and I have been on maybe six dates since our daughter was born (she’s turning 2 this month), and zero dates since our second daughter was born in August. We don’t have the budget to pay for a sitter, and we also don’t want to burden our parents with putting our sometimes sleep fighting toddler to bed. However, we really need some time to ourselves.

That’s what drew me initially drew me into their website, but when I saw they had a Kids Night In Box, I realized that would be super fun, too! We decided to start with that box, and this month I think we’ll be ordering our first Date Night In Box.

What’s Inside:

Since I ordered in October, we received a really fun Halloween themed box!It contained an instruction booklet with how to use all the items in the box, along with suggestions for activities. In the Halloween box we received a book, materials to make a spooky obstacle course, ghost bowling (mini plastic cups and a ball), art supplies, and snacks to enjoy while we did the activities.


Why It’s Worth It:

These boxes don’t contain products per say, but materials that help you create a fun evening. Everything in the box is related in some way, and the activities are a nice variety. While my daughter couldn’t take advantage of the math component, I liked that there was some educational value to the activities.



She had a blast playing with the google eyes, reading the book, and throwing the ball at her “ghost” bowling pins. She also really loved the apple juice of course! This box made for a fun, relaxing evening. And the best part is, we can use the things inside again and again!

I really like the November box for kids, in fact, I may have to get this one as well, along with the date night box! 

How To Get Your Own:

Night In Box is running an awesome promo right now, and make sure to follow their facebook page for other great offers and occasional giveaways! I highly recommend this box if you want a different and memorable night with your kiddos!


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