This is definitely the most exciting project I’ve done in the house so far! As we prepare for a potential kitchen remodel, we were looking for ways to cut costs. One of our must have items was the kitchen pantry, as we don’t have a lot of storage. Did you know that custom pantry cabinets run around $1000+? I knew there had to be a cheaper way.

The Process

First, I assessed the space in our home, and noticed that our hall closet was not really being utilized in an effective way.

About seven years ago I had installed wire shelving, but over the years it became a place to store random stuff. We’ve taken off the doors on almost every other closet in our home, which has worked out really well for staying clutter free, but this space still has the door.




Next, I envisioned what I wanted for the space in my Home Improvements notebook from Erin Condren.


I measured our space and then went to the store by myself after the kids went to bed so that I could focus and I took some pictures. When I got home, I ordered everything online from Home Depot, and even searched for a coupon and scored $10 off. Total cost? $247. Seriously! I ordered two small wire bins, the large wire bin, a 17 inch tower, and a 25 inch tower. The brand is Closetmaid Selectives

I still had doubts that this would turn out as nicely as I imagined in my head. Then came the monumental task of taking everything down and spackling the wall. Seriously, this looked like we were throwing darts at it from all the clips. Definitely my least favorite part of this project.



While I thought about painting the space, I realized I had leftover wallpaper from our kitchen backsplash, and thought it would be a nice tie in to the space so I did that instead. Cost? Free!!

The system was pretty easy to put together. I was able to get it all done in a few hours with many, many breaks to tend to the baby and toddler.

So I ran into a few problems, like measuring wall to wall instead of from the baseboards, whoops! So I ripped those out. Then I somehow forgot that there’s a wall in front of the closet which makes it nearly impossible to put 42 inches worth of cabinets in…so I MacGyvered it with a little bit of help from the hubster. We put the 25 inch cabinet in and then dropped in the 17 inch tower next to it. It’s such a snug fit that it feels like a built in, which is awesome! I even had to build one of the towers inside the cabinet to get it all in at the same time, but it’s in and I hope I never have to move it again!


Hello, beautiful!



Before and After


We have SO much more space now. Is it in the actual kitchen? No. It’s not completely ideal, but we’re doing what we can with what we have, and I’m happy! Also, I realized after I filled it that we have zero food in the house, so we’re heading out to ALDI right now to stock up!



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  1. Looks good! Our “pantry” is also in the hall closet because our kitchen is tiny and barely has any cupboards. But it works for the most part. You’re right, you work with what you got.

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