Hi, everyone! I’m Jen’s husband, Tony, and from time to time, you might see a little something from me here on “Modest House.”A little background on me: I’m an elementary school principal who likes to dress well, but I also don’t want to look too flashy. Comfort and style have to go together as I work with kids all day. My days vary widely from meetings to joining in on PE classes to sitting in on read alouds.

However, with the birth of our second daughter in August, looking good has to look good for our budget too.

Enter Sprezza Box

For my birthday this year, Jen surprised me with a subscription to SprezzaBox. Four years ago, we took a real liking to “Mad Men,” and after getting through our first night of binging on Netflix, Jen and I were left wondering aloud why I don’t “dress like that.” Since then, that’s been my style – French cuff shirts, cuff links, three piece suit, the whole nine yards.

Fast forward to my birthday this year, and Jen tells me she has given me the gift of Sprezza. I was skeptical if only because I was nervous it’d be “fancy hipster.” However, Jen has a near 1.000 batting average when it comes to…well, everything, and this was no different. I’m not sure how she did it, but I also got a bonus box this month.

What’s in the Box

First, each box has a theme. The first box had a nautical theme – Bedford & Brooke blue and gray socks with gray sharks on them, a Grand Frank pocket square with small anchors, AusCufflinks sailboat cufflinks (which I was grateful did not look obviously like a sailboat), a Jack Sartori gray cloth tie with small white polka dots, a face wash, and a $50 gift card to Lawrence Hunt. Keep in mind, this box costs $28 (without any kind of promo code). When you add up the prices of everything that came in this box, it comes to $146.95, and the second box I received totaled $134.59!



In addition, the brands Sprezza uses are high quality and recognizable and have inspired Sprezza’s own line of ties and socks. These are guaranteed to make you a hit at date night, the office, and everything in between. Sprezza has made me a “box guy” now. I’m really looking forward to the October Box (Maestro Watch, see a pic below). For the price, I strongly recommend you become a “box guy” too. You cannot and will not go wrong with Sprezza. Easily the best value out there for us guys who want to look good for an amazing price!



How To Get Sprezza Box

So, want to check out Sprezza box for yourself? We’ve teamed up with Sprezza to get you a great deal! Simply use this link* and then enter code MODESTHOUSE at checkout to receive 10% off your first order (monthly and prepaid subscriptions) and entire store orders.)

If you try out Sprezza, make sure to comment here or on Facebook with how you’re styling it! We’re really looking forward to the October box, it’s their highest rated value box yet ($199!) and includes this awesome Maestro watch! 

*this is an affiliate link. Modest House receives a small % commission on purchases through link.


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