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If you’re like me at all, you have these great plans to stay organized and on top of the mail, and there are weeks where you’re just on top of it and everything looks great. And then you get busy for a week, or two in our case, and the mail and paper just starts to pile up. Thankfully we’ve contained it to one area of the house now, our front entry, but it’s unsightly. Yesterday I was determined to tackle it. Even though the toddler was refusing her nap, she managed to let me get this done with minimal destruction (or “help” as she might see it).

Step 1:

Move all papers and mail to one location. I used my thirty one bag and threw all pieces of paper and organizers in it. This way if I got interrupted I could easily pick back up later. 

2. Make Some Piles

My piles included bills, coupons, receipts, keepsakes (letters and cards), doctor information for the kids, miscellaneous, and gift cards.






3. Conquer!

Go through each pile and decide what you’re keeping, shredding, or storing. Thankfully I didn’t have much to throw away, just some shredding to do. I purchased this shredder from AmazonBasics and it’s great!

TIP: Throw away junk mail on your way back in the house when you go to get the mail so that it doesn’t create unnecessary clutter!

4. Have a Designated Space

Here’s how I set up my front entry/mail station. I purchased the mail slots at Home Goods. The top section is for coupons, and the bottom section is for bills I need to pay and important mail to review. 

The inside of the cabinet has four designated areas. The bin on the upper left side has blank cards, return address labels, and stamps. The upper right side has a zippered pouch for receipts, a zippered pouch with pens, and thank you cards. The top of the chest has my meal planning and grocery list pad, a center tray for sunglasses and mail that needs to be sent out, and a pile of books to return to the library along with my Erin Condren life planner and my Erin Condren notebooks.

I love having an organized space when I walk in the door. I’d love to see what your front entries or mail stations look like! Comment with a picture on my facebook page!



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