I knew I’d love this box…why? Because it’s a fall box, and as I said in my last post, I love everything about fall! If you’ve never heard of Fab Fit Fun, it’s a subscription box service with all sorts of amazing things inside! I like that it’s always a mix of different stuff, and it’s always a great surprise when it arrives!










Here’s a better look at what was inside! I’m dividing it into what I’m excited about, and what I’m less excited about, because I didn’t really dislike anything!


Really excited about this awesome teal wrap, cuticle oil, lip pencil, mud mask, ice pack, and charcoal teeth whitening kit! I’ve never tried a charcoal teeth whitener but it’s all the rage right now and I’m really excited (and a little nervous) to check it out! The ice pack might be my favorite, weird right? But, as a postpartum mommy right now I get a lot of aches and pains from nursing and sitting at odd angles, and this sounds heavenly. I’m looking forward to trying out the mud mask in the maybe twenty minutes when I can get both kids to sleep.

Now onto what I’m less excited about:


If I still had a gym membership, which went the way of the dinosaur after kids and budgeting, I would totally use this bag. Unless I’m going to pack a gym bag to use in my living room doing pilates/wrestling toddlers, it will probably just hang somewhere in the closet and look cute. The Cottonelle Fresh Care towlettes will hang out in my diaper bag for emergencies! The jewelry holder is cute, but I LOVE my one from West Elm, so I may not get much use out of this. I will definitely try to find another use for it elsewhere in the house. Finally, my least favorite, the belt. I don’t like belts mostly because I have a super short torso. It’s my own fault for missing the customization email, plus the pink beanie that was the other option is so adorable I’m having serious envy!

The reason I like this box subscription so much? It’s an awesome variety of stuff. You get to pick customizations in each box (like the one I missed in the whirlwind of managing both kids), and it’s a great value for the price! This box was valued around $400, so I think it’s definitely worth it. I also like that the items are full size products, not samples.

But really, it’s a little splurge for me once a season. Since I stopped working I never shop for myself, so getting the occasional budgeted treat like this box, or Stitch Fix is my way of pampering myself. I actually used to have a huge issue with spending in my early twenties on super frivolous stuff *blog post on that later, yikes!* so I’m very cautious about spending anything. I don’t get manicures or massages or even get my hair done, so this is a great option!

Want to check it out? Head over to FabFitFun and sign up today using my referral code!


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