I love decorating our house for the seasons. My favorite time of year to decorate for is not Christmas, but Fall! Even if I don’t do a lot of Halloween stuff, I like to focus on the season. The leaves, pumpkins, the smells (love those pumpkin and cider candles), and warm, rich hues. When it comes to decorating in a house like mine, which is smaller and an open concept, I think less is more! Here are my tips for decorating without looking too cluttered.


1. Identify zones


For me, that would be the fireplace, the front entry, our kitchen island, the kitchen chalkboard, and the hutch in the dining room!

2. Choose pieces that are versatile

I like to have pieces that can last throughout the entire season, rather than a specific holiday. You won’t really find a bunch of spider or witch themed decorations inside our house (though I have a really cool runner I’ll put out for Halloween), but decorations centered around the colors and season of fall.

3. Make the table a decoration


You still have to eat at the dining room table, but a nice and simple table scape makes it inviting and festive! Don’t go too overboard, you still need room for food! All of these decorations are from Pier 1 and Home Goods.

4. Don’t Forget Other Senses!

For me it’s candles and soaps. For you it might be oils or wax melts. I love to break out fall1my fall candles and soaps from their box in the laundry room (more on how I organize my seasonal candles and soaps in another post) and place them around the house. I like to have ones that are food related in or near the kitchen, like this Apple Cider Mrs. Meyers candle from my last Grove Collaborative order, and then scatter the rest throughout the house, high out of reach of the toddler of course. This can get pricey, which leads me to my last point…

5. Collect Over Time



Candles don’t go bad to my knowledge, so I have been using the same ones over and over for years. I also never leave them burning for more than an hour or so, especially if they aren’t soy based. Don’t go out and go insane at Michael’s or Hallmark unless you have the funds to do so. We certainly don’t, so we’ve been slowly collecting over the years. I’ll occasionally pick up some cute stuff at the dollar spot at Target, too. Aren’t these tiny pumpkins adorable?


How do you decorate for the seasons?


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