This is the fourth Stitch Fix I’ve received, and it is by far my favorite! My first one was just ok, the second was a maternity fix where I kept a beautiful dress I wore to a wedding that summer, and unfortunately with the third one I returned everything. I believe this was partially due to feeling uncomfortable in my own skin, so no clothes were really going to appeal to me. I decided I was going to give Stitch Fix one last try, and they did not disappoint this time! In fact, I had a really hard time deciding what to keep. Even though you get a 25% discount if you purchase all five items, we just don’t have it in the budget right now. However, I legitimately have not purchased any clothing for myself in months, with the exception of two Hanes long sleeve t-shirts from their website, and those were buy one get one free.

At first glance I loved the colors for fall! They now let you order by “mood” so I went with casual and comfy. I was hoping this would help get me out of my pajamas with the new baby, and these are definitely a step in the right direction! IMG_7937


Piece #1: 41HAWTHORN- Chaya Textured Elbow Patch V-Neck Pullover

I LOVE this sweater. I love most sweaters, but this one is really comfortable, has a modest vneck in the front and back, and knitted elbow patches. Plus it’s a perfect color for almost every season! I like the length of it, and the weight is warm enough for fall, but not scratchy or too thick. I also love the texture on the cuff.

Piece #2: 41HAWTHORN- Kinnia Dress

IMG_7966 copy

I really wanted to keep this dress, but I just couldn’t justify it without having multiple places to wear it. If I was still teaching it would be the perfect school dress with a long sweater! It’s comfortable, it fits in the bust, and the length and weight are great!




Piece #3: SKIES ARE BLUE- Nielsen Henley Top


This one just wasn’t me at all. I prefer longer tops since I have a short torso, and six weeks postpartum this felt just a little too “tent like” for me. I like the pattern!






Piece #4: LOVEAPPELLA- Mani Button Back Mixed Media Knit Top


Here’s another one I really wanted to keep but just can’t. With winter coming soon in Illinois (don’t let the 90 degree days these past few weeks fool you!), a sheer back top is not really going to cut it during a polar vortex. If I knew we were going a few dates between now and the snow I would have snagged it. It fits really well, is forgiving in the front, and you really can’t go wrong with a black top.


Piece #5: PIXLEY- Martina Slub Knit Open Cardigan

I’m a sucker for a cardigan. Literally you could pretty much present me with any cardigan in any color and if it’s long enough and soft I’ll buy it. So obviously I’m keeping this one. 🙂

So in the end I’m keeping Piece #1 and Piece #5, and I think they’ll go great with some of my other clothes and help transition into fall. Want to try Stitch Fix? I would love it if you used my link to sign up! Already tried it? What do you think of it?

Now to purge my closet and try out my clean out kit from ThredUp, yay!


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