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I love this book by the Clean Mama, because it’s full of good advice as well as daily and weekly lists for cleaning. This book has changed the way I manage my cleaning schedule at home, and has freed up our weekends for family fun!

When it comes to cleaning, I use my e-cloths to help me with my routine, and it makes cleaning SO much faster, and dare I say, fun? At the end of the week I throw them in the wash, and I eliminate the need for a bucket full of cleaning supplies and endless paper towels!

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Planning and Budgeting

The Erin Condren life planner is hands down the best thing I have used to stay organized. I’ve been using planners religiously since middle school, and this one is my favorite. I have used both the teacher planner and the life planner, as well as many other products she has (which I’lld detail in a post later), but if you want to organize your life, get your hands on one of these! I post pics of my planner quite often on my Instagram, check it out!

Want to save $10? Use this link to save on your first order!

Screen Shot 2017-09-25 at 11.53.23 PM.png

Meal Planning and Grocery Shopping

Believe it or not, I use the tried and true Notes app on my iPhone so I can share it with my husband depending on who is going out that day. It’s so nice to be able to update it and see it on any device.

I am an Aldi Superfan, so I also of course need my amazing Aldi Quarter Keychain that I purchased from Fleetmade on Etsy. Pick one up here!


 Designing and Everything Else

Honestly, I couldn’t survive without my MacBook Pro. Even though I just said goodbye to my old one from 2012, it was running like a champ. The only reason I purchased a new one is because it was running out of space, we had rewards, and it was a gift from my husband.

My husband prefers his iPad Pro, which I have been stealing away occasionally to use for it’s drawing function. Our toddler likes to watch Lindsey Stirling YouTube videos on it as well. Thank goodness she loves her violin medleys instead of some obnoxious purple dinosaur!


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