Why Modest House, Extraordinary home? Why a blog at all?

I’m an avid Instagram user, you can check me out here. If you are at all like me, you see these beautiful Pinterest worthy houses and feel a little envious. I start to wish I too lived in an enormous house, had beautiful new cars, and what seems like an endless supply of designer clothing. Then I look around our house. It’s nice, most people say it’s “cute” when they come over for the first time. It’s filled with toys and clutter and there aren’t enough closets. We don’t have a jetted spa tub in our bathroom filled with designer bath bombs, but why do I care? I don’t even use bath bombs, nor do I particularly love baths, but I find myself wanting one. Some days, like today, when the toddler is teething and the baby is a little needy I don’t have time to cook. Many days I find myself wishing for something different. But then I take another look around. Our home is filled with love and laughter. Our home is filled with faith. Our home is filled with things we have saved for and cherish and really like. Our home is organized and efficient, and I manage to keep things to a routine so I don’t get overwhelmed. There’s a massive difference between a house and a home, and I love our home. I think it’s extraordinary. I want to live my ordinary life in an extraordinary way. We do this through our shared experiences, and by recognizing the joy in what we have. We put sweat equity into our house, and it pays off by being perfect for us and our family situation. At a mom’s group meeting I recently attended, the speaker discussed living prayer instead of “doing” prayer. That really struck a chord with me. Not only do I want to live prayer, I want to live life instead of “doing” life, and I want to share that journey with whoever wants to join me.

My goal is to share our experiences in parenting two little ones, home projects and decorating the house, budgeting and meal planning, organizing and life planning, and products that help me do all of the above.